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Overview of MA (English Literature) Program

About the Course

The Two-year MA English degree programme consists of four semesters. The students joining the programme will be required to study 66 to 72 credit hours. All the papers as well as the Viva-Voce examination are compulsory carrying 100 marks each.


The fundamental objective of the course is to prepare students for independent study and to help them appreciate literature on their own, not just the prescribed authors and their works but any work of literature. As such, the main emphasis in 1st Year is on equipping students with whatever is necessary to being independent, competent readers and critics of literature whereas in 2nd Year, the emphasis is on reading works of literature and appreciating them, and to acquaint the students with theories in linguistics and English Language Teaching (ELT) so as to equip them with the skills and expertise to become teachers of English should they opt for the teaching profession.

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